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Cycling experience at its essence

BKOOL is a sports company that creates and enables unique indoor cycling experiences. In addition to providing a platform for collective training, they are also content creators, designing a different of immersive training experiences. BKOOL is compose by two main products: a Unity-based simulator for desktop, tablet and TV and a spinning-focused application for Android and iOS.

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Product designer and design system manager at BKOOL

As a Product Designer, I collaborate with the product team to conduct research, define strategies, and ideate solutions. My focus extends beyond individual products, covering a holistic approach across the company's entire product line. This enables me to establish a consistent brand identity and digital product coherence.

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Two products, one experience

A Unity-based simulator that offers a range of functionalities, allowing users to engage in 3D routes, video rides, AR experiences, or GPX-based sessions. Additionally, it provides options for velodrome challenges, power tests, and more.

A native fitness application available on iOS and Android platforms, enabling users to participate in spinning classes while maintaining full control over their training sessions.

Bkool simulator
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BKOOL Fitness

Helios, BKOOL Design System

One of my first projects at BKOOL was to create a comprehensive design system in Figma. This was aimed at ensuring consistency across diverse products and ensuring their scalability for the future.

At an organizational level, I chose to divide the system into two major files: "Foundation" gathered all the typography, colors, layouts, icons, and other elements that the components would draw from.

And another file contained all the components, defined using the Atomic Design methodology, ranging from the smallest molecules to intricate organisms and templates.

One of the advantages of having a robust and coherent design system is the flexibility and scalability it offers to the product, enabling seamless design across various types of devices.

BKOOL Foundations
BKOOL components

Creating the cycling user experience

Among the functionalities we designed, and which I personally find particularly interesting, is an event page system featuring various pre-scheduled routes.

The ability to personalize your avatar and equipment within the simulator, or an advanced pairing system for connecting services and devices, are some of the captivating functionalities we developed.

BKOOL route
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