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Product Designer
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Rackets sports as a service

Playtomic is a platform that provides booking and court management services for racket sports such as padel or tennis. It allows players to find and book courts at nearby clubs and sports centers, as well as manage their bookings and matches through a user-friendly interface. Playtomic also offers additional features such as finding playing partners, tracking match progress and results, and accessing special promotions and offers.

Playtomic app mock up

Product and visual designer at Playtomic

As a Product Designer, my responsibility is creating and designing user interfaces and user experiences for the mobile application. This involves conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping user interfaces to ensure they are intuitive, accessible, and visually appealing to users. I am also a visual designer and responsible for creating, maintaining, and scaling the design system.

Playtomic family

Landing a brand in a digital product

With the arrival of a new rebranding at Playtomic, my first steps in the company were to ensure that this new brand image was brought to every corner of the app mobile, ensuring that it was more aligned with Playtomic's vision of becoming the leading platform in racket sports.

Playtomic rebranding

Discover, create, iterate

Startups grow and change very fast. Throughout my time at Playtomic, I've been part of different teams within the company, which has led me to handle different types of projects depending on the circumstances. Projects focused on product marketplace such as bookings, matches, classes, courses, or competitions, growth initiatives, payments or user experience improvements.

Some of the projects I've been involved in, and I’m most proud of it, are the creation of gender-specific matches, giving the possibility to create matches exclusively for women, men, or mixed. This has significantly increased the number of matches created and played.

I've also contributed to the development of a new tab for players, where we can provide users with match suggestions based on their preferences. Together with the possibility to add a partner to a match, these projects make easiest the players to find the correct match and do it faster.

Others projects I've worked are; change from a distribution to a commission model (payments), share matches between user's chats, improve cancellation information and reservation details or create courses and private classes.

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Playtomic components
Request spot cards

Midas, Playtomic Design System

The goal of the design system is to improve development efficiency, maintain consistency in the appearance and behavior of user interfaces, and provide a unified and high-quality user experience.

We created a scalable and atomized design system that allows us to work in a much more efficient, fast, and consistent manner, both for designers and developers.

This has enabled us to produce more and better results in less time, allowing us to allocate more time and resources to other design phases, such as discovery.

One of the goals when creating the design system was for it to embody the brand image, to not only be a set of tokens and generic components, but to also respect the brand's visual decisions.

Playtomic color foundations
Playtomic typography foundations
Playtomic components
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