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Photographic timeless memories with Saga Estudio

Saga is a wedding focused photography studio based in Madrid, Spain.

From his origin, the studio knew that it needed a digital brand image that would set it apart from the competitors, building trust with couples and paying close attention to detail in pursuit of excellence. This commitment extends not only to photography, but also to all those little details that make each photo reportage a memorable moment for the newly-weds.

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Creating a brand and a product for digital era

As a new studio, they needed both a powerful and recognisable brand as well as a strong digital presence to help them achieve their goals. That's why we established a very close relationship throughout the entire process, from the conceptualisation of the brand to the selection of the various foundations they would need to market their services.

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After make research on the competitors, understanding the studio needs, the potential clients, and the service they wanted to offer, I built a brand inspired by classic concepts but updated for the digital sector. This was achieved through colors with good contrast and accessibility, as well as typography that facilitated readability, maintaining the essence.

Both the brand and the website had to rotate around the studio's work, not the other way around. Placing a great importance on photography, giving it a more aspirational and emotional tone. Although the project was primarily digital, I also took into account potential offline applications, such as business cards, clothing, or photography portfolios.

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For the choice of colors, I selected for low saturation colors that evoked elements commonly associated with weddings, such as the attire of the bride and groom, the church, or the typical reception afterward and elements more related with the spiritual part of the compromises, like the ground or the sky.

For the typography, I chose two different fonts, when used together, gave a distinctive tone. For the titles, I selected a serif font that was elegant and sophisticated to highlight the power of the compromise, while for the rest of the texts, I opted for a sans-serif font that improve readability.

For the rest of the brand universe, the decisions were quite simple after that: to seek an elegant, almost ceremonial tone and give greater importance to photography, video, and motion.

After establishing the brand guidelines and having done some prior product design work for the website as architecture, wireframes... I created a small design system to streamline the web creation process and allow for scalability in the future. Throughout this process, I aimed to maintain the brand's essence, ensuring that the design system incorporated the brand's core values rather than relying solely on generic components.

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Building a high standard digital product

After created the brand, I proceeded to make another research on the studio's competitors and potential clients. After developing various architectural options and conducting a MoSCoW analysis, we decided that, due to development time, the best approach was to create an MVP landing page and after that start to adding pages by importance. This landing page would serve the purpose of gathering information and quickly acquiring initial customers at a low cost. Subsequently, we planned to incrementally build out the different parts of the website, phasing the project.

For the landing page, I placed the value proposition as the most important pillar, highlighting the studio's photography and video work while emphasizing the quality of the work. Putting attention to the details and love for the interactions. Of course, all of this work was also done with a mobile version in mind.

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